Sampling devices


  • Spider for EWL, EWV and EAL Serie


  • Holder for 3 EWH serie


  • Canister and holder for 2 EGL serie

    Canister and holder for 2 EGL
  • Canister for 5 EWL or 2 EWH serie

  • Canister for 2 EWL or 1 EWH serie

    Canister construction and use is the same as canister for 5 EWL or 2 EWH with exception that it holds up to 2 EWL or 1 EWH. Canister height is 15 cm.
  • Umbrella for 3 EAL

    Umbrella for 3 EAL
  • Holder for 3 EWM Serie
    Plastic holder that can take up to three EWM and to be attached to a rope or pole for sampling in water.
    DSC jpg
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