List of compounds for analysis and toxicity tests from extracts of Exposmeter passive samplers

Compounds Instrument Detection limit
PCB 7 indicator GC/MS/MS 0.001-0.01 ng/l
10PCBs   0.001-0.01 ng/l
PCB tri to deca GC/MS/MS 0.001-0.01 ng/l
PCB WHO GC/HRMS+PRC 0.001-0.01 ng/l
16 PAH (16 EPA compounds) GC/MS, HPLC/FLD 0.001-0.01 ng/l
16 PAH + MePAHs   0.001-0.01 ng/l
OCP (HCHs, HCB + DDT) GC/MS for HCH 0.01-0.3 ng/l, for other 0.001-0.01 ng/l
OCP+other CBs+Chlordanes+Nonachlor GC/HRMS  
PCDD/Fs I-TEF WHO GC/MS/MS 1-10 fg/l
GC/MS screening GC/MS  
Terpentines GC/MS/MS  
nonylphenol GC/MS  
PCBs 7 indicators, OCPs HRMS + GC/MS  
PCBs 7, OCPs, PAHs    
Tri-deca PCBs, OCPs, PAHs    
PCDD/Fs and PCBs (WHO)    
tetr-octyl phenol, nonylphenols, n-nonylphenol, nonylphenol mono and diethoxylates    
nonylphenols, PAHs and PCBs    
PBDE, alkyphenols, Triclosan, MeTriclosan, nonylphenols    
Nonylphenols, PAHs, PBDEs, OCPs    
TBTs, OCP, nonylphenols, 16PAHs, PCDD/Fs, PBDE    
Al ICP 18 ng/L
As ICP 10 ng/L
Fe ICP 185 ng/L
Co ICP <1 ng/L
Cr ICP 5 ng/L
Mn ICP 3 ng/L
Ni ICP 3 ng/L
Cu ICP 2 ng/L
Zn ICP 20 ng/L
Cd ICP <1 ng/L
Pb ICP <1 ng/L
P spectrophotometer 1000 ng/L

Toxicity tests
Daphnia magna, Algae, Peocilia reticulata, Brachydanio rerio, Seeds of agricultural plants, Rotifer
Test of chronic toxicity on Daphnia magna
Tox kit (Daph tox kit, Algae tox kit)

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